We have recommended a primary colour palette printed using spot colour inks.


Again a modern typeset with a clean header and information carried in the footer.


Advertising posters can be used at learning centres to promote the AV on demand training.

End Goal

How did we do?

We went for an edgy and contemporary approach mainly because most of the audience will be involved in technology, design, development or similar industries.


We used a particular visual language and references to our advantage especially given that no competitors were doing anything like that.  It was found that people who use technology and the internet as powerful tools for their personal and professional development are attracted by what’s original and new; therefore we took our design in that direction.


Academy Virtual will represent the new vanguard of learning in the 21st Century - where ongoing advances in communication technology are directed to the higher purpose of education. By combining the efforts of our skilled educators with enhanced multimedia curriculum, we will provide students with an exciting path to practical knowledge.


The mission at Academy Virtual is to bring the highest standards of institutional learning to an online classroom environment  - one that equals the educational quality of a traditional campus. We honour the strength and spirit of those true educators who genuinely touch lives and effect change through thoughtful teaching.

Much The goal with Academy Virtual goes beyond completing a course and is instead rooted on imparting genuine knowledge and skill. Expand your horizons with an intellectually stimulating journey with Academy Virtual.

We chose a modern approach to the business card with clean typesetting

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