It's not the best content that wins; it's the best-promoted content.
That's where paid social media marketing can help.

Paid social media marketing is one of the most sophisticated, targeted and costs effect methods of raising brand awareness and driving direct conversions in digital marketing.  Whether you are trying to sell widgets or a wide range of B2B services, social media marketing is no longer the playground of just consumer marketing.  We can now reach audiences by interests, hobbies, job titles, employers and so much more.  Facebook and Instagram have an arsenal of ad types to suit every requirement.  Everything from the lead generation and canvas ads to engaging video formats and dynamic product ads.  Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snap Chat, all have ad platforms that can be used to leverage and amplify your messages to millions of potential customers.


Emotio will work with you to define the correct strategy to reach your audiences, and how to structure campaigns and budgets. With engagement costs ranging from just 1p, you can be sure to make your budgets have an impact.  Emotio runs many campaigns across all channels and has lots of experience in reaching the right people, writing the right ad copy and measuring the right KPIs.


If your looking for an agency that has been marketing on these platforms since they were invented, then you've come to the right place.  Contact us today to find out how we can drive your enquiries and online sales.

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