6ixt9 was founded on the principle of change, new beginnings. Their mission is to provide a unique motorcycle life style experience.


6ixt9 is based around the 1969 vintage bikers lifestyle. It needed to represent freedom, movement and a sense of back to nature. To this end we developed 6ixt9’s branding with a retro feel, featuring free flowing curves and simple lines with this hand drawn lettering. The slogan live life encapulates the principle of the open road and the experience that 6ixt9 represents. It was important that the branding could be translated across multiple mediums from apparell to custom bikes.

Branding Design

We wanted something originall due to the unique features that this brand brings to market so we went for a custom lettering rather than traditional typography. We produced a range of designs based around classic bike brands and wanted to ensure that 6ixt9’s logo could sit well with established icon brands such as Norton or Triumph. The brand had to have a feeling of luxury and appeal to a sophisticated audience while remaining clean and timeless.



We felt a dark card with a copper foil print would achieve a high class approach to stationery for the brand.

Letter HEADS

We continued the dark theme for marketing letters whilst reversing the design for standard printed stationery.



For the exclusive travel brochures and bike customisation catalogues we have featured an embossed logo on a natrual fibre paper.


A big part of the 6ixt9 brand will be an eCommerce website selling branded apparel. It was very important that this brand could translate across various clothing from T-Shirts and Caps to Jackets and Bags



Finally we wanted to ensure that the brand would add the finishing touch to any bike customisation. So we produced a version in a chrome finish


Thank you for sending the final branding files for 6ixt9.

It looks Fantastic and I am very pleased indeed!