Alcumus is the market-leading provider of ISO Certification and Accreditation

A Holistic Approach to Marketing

Emotio was engaged to drive enquiries for ISO Certification, Training and Software. We took a holistic approach to this through Search vEngine Optimisation, Google Adwords, Paid Social Media and Community Management. We have also worked on CRO (conversion rate optimisation) through the creation of both mobile and desktop landing pages, which each had multiple variants that we tested. This allowed us to maximise conversion rates for the traffic driven to these pages.

How did we do?

As of writing this case study, we have seen a year on year increase across the board. Overall traffic has grown by 47% with organic traffic increased by 24%, social traffic by a massive 882% and referred traffic by 40%. Our Google AdWords has had a 156% increase in CTR (click through rate) with a reduction in the cost per conversion of 76%. Add to this double the number of clicks over the previous year and we have had more conversions at a lower cost than ever before! Through the creation of landing pages and multi-variant testing, we discovered that just changing the ‘Request Quote’ button from yellow to blue saw an increase of 227% in clicks. This with other insights, continue to improve engagement and conversions.



Before running the campaign, the Alcumus website was not mobile compatible which meant engagement via the old marketing strategy was very low, as a significant amount of the traffic was being generated by a mobile device. Emotio implemented both a mobile version of the website to improve search engine optimisation and a set of landing pages for campaigns. As you can see from how we did above, the desktop landing pages successfully used multi-variant testing as part of our ongoing conversion optimisation


We have carried out technical recommendations, on-page optimisation and content marketing to build quality links that boost the website trust flow and domain authority. The Trust Flow on the site has increased from 39 to 54 providing a boost to overall rankings. There are now over 1,600 keywords bringing users to the website via Google’s top 100 organic search results, with over 200 of those keywords on the first page of Google. Keywords like “iso training”, “iso courses”, “iso 14001 certification” & “iso 9001 certification” all boast strong first page rankings.


We also managed the migration of the site SEO to Alcumus’ new website, mapping pages and implementing 301 redirects to ensure rankings were maintained. Our monthly service stays on top of crawl site reports, ongoing on-page recommendations and continued link building and content creation.


Our social adverts and community management have made a significant impact on traffic, awareness and conversions, with nearly 9 times the social traffic compared to the previous year. In the last ten months we have reached nearly 1 million people, generating over 30,000 clicks (3% CTR) via Facebook advertising alone. Our social campaign has attributed a significant amount of conversions with a cost per acquisition of just 25% that of Google’s Adwords.


There has been a significant increase in the investment in Adwords over the last 12 months. Emotio have improved the audience targeting through targetted Gmail Ads and an effective re-marketing strategy. The results have shown a 30% increase in site sessions and a reduction in the bounce rate and cost per click. Comparing current Adwords stats for the month vs. last year, we have shown a 158% increase in CTR (click through rate) 16.25% decrease in the CPC (cost per click) and a massive 67% reduction on the cost per conversion. We have also seen a 255% increase in the conversion rate!


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