Are Typography and Photography Lost Arts?

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September 30, 2016 Category: All Posts, UX Design

Before the digital age in which we now live, typography and photography were both very important arts as far as marketing gurus were concerned. When putting together advertisements for printed publications such as daily newspapers and magazines, these gurus spent a great deal of time evaluating the quality of photographic images and the readability, along with the aesthetic appeal, of the text that appeared in each one. Nowadays, less attention seems to be paid to these arts by certain digital marketing professionals but that is not to say they are any less relevant or important today than they were 25 years ago before the birth of the World Wide Web.

Why These Arts Are Still Vital in the 21st Century

Although some marketing agencies may pay less attention to the art of typography and the art of photography than they should, this does not mean that these disciplines can safely be ignored by commercial ventures and other organisations that wish to promote themselves online. In fact, they are as important today as they have ever been and if you want to ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are truly effective, you need to pay close attention to both graphical and textual elements when putting together advertisements or creating new content for websites and social media channels.

  • Graphical Content – Whether you are working on a digital brochure that showcases the products or services your company has to offer, designing a new corporate website, or creating a banner ad to place on other sites, the images you use should be of the highest quality. It goes without saying that original photographs are far superior to generic images when promoting your company online and if you want to make sure your digital promotional activities are effective, these photographs should be taken by an experienced professional, not by somebody in your employ who just happens to have a couple of hours to spare.
  • Textual Content – While typography for digital content may seem a simple matter with the ready availability of easy-to-use desktop publishing software, this is not the case. The textual content that you publish online needs to be eye-catching and easy to read, as with any other type of written content that your organisation uses. A keen eye, backed by years of experience, is required by those who prepare typographical content for publication: leave such work to amateurs and the results are invariably disappointing. The problem for many companies is they have no way of discerning whether the written word is letting them down in their online promotional activities or whether it is another factor coming into play. Only by testing various different typographical versions is it possible to come to any meaningful conclusions.

At Emotio, we believe that photography and typography are two crucial elements that cannot be ignored, whatever media you use to promote your organisation. Make sure that your digital marketing activities do not suffer due to a lack of understanding of these ‘lost arts’ by working with an agency that understands their importance.


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