A specialist large-scale fabricator with over 40 years experience supplying aluminium windows & doors

Website Design & Marketing

Arkay Windows needed to portray a professional trade oriented business. The site needed to be functional to allow Arkay’s catalogue of products to be easily communicated to tradesman looking for architectural glass products. This was 2nd version of the site we had built as we have worked with this client for over 6 years. We also ran SEO, social and Google Ads.

Website Design & Build

The website has been built using WordPress to allow the client easy management of content. The website had allow users to easily navigate through the three main categories with a strong call to action for lead generation



The home page banner was used to set the tone for the website with a large clean photograph and the word EXPLORE with a line to direct users down the page.


One of the key sales points for Arkay was allowing people to see the scale of their fabrication capabilities. We facilited this through easy access to a virtual tour.


Each page on the website carries an enquiry form in the footer to make it easy to make an enquiry.

Mobile Design

About 41% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and it was decided that the responsive design required custom mobile banners when it reached a certain break point. This ensure the visitor maintains a perfect experience across devices.


Emotio ran the Google Ads for 5 years generating hundreds of B2B enquiries, after years of refinement we managed to increase the overall campagins click through rate from 1.3% to 6.6% bringing the cost per enquiry down from £300 to just £15. Our SEO significantly increased the sites organic traffic also.