A collection of 84 apartments Arriving summer 2020 - 2&3 bedroom from £1.2M

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Colliers new UK residential website is the first reveal of their new branding. Moving from their traditional blue branding to the new black and magenta was quite a responsibility. Colliers International is an industry-leading global real estate company with more than 15,400 skilled professionals operating in 69 countries. This website represents their UK property portal.

Website Design & Build

The Canalside walk website required a strong identity. The site structure needed to get across key development messages being, where the development is, why it’s a great location, what is the living space like.



The branded banner carries an immediate call to action being Register Your Interest. The site is a lead generation tool for visitors to a marketing suite in order to drive off plan sales for the development.


This site required the story video to take a prominent position which we achieved by creating a bespoke video banner.


Each page on the website carries an enquiry form in the footer to make it easy to make an enquiry.

Mobile Design

About 35% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and it was decided that the responsive design required custom mobile banners when it reached a certain break point. This ensure the visitor maintains a perfect experience across devices.

Rapid Design & Build

Emotio has deployed a Virtual Billboard, proximity marketing beacon. This takes advantage of Google’s Nearby technology allowing you to place an advert directly onto the mobile phones of passers by. We have served these ad messages to tens of thousands of phones over several months in the Paddington area.Emotio has deployed a Virtual Billboard, proximity marketing beacon. This takes advantage of Google’s.