We cover the whole range of marketing collateral, digital, logo design and print. We have copywriters and creative headliners to make sure your message is clear and, most importantly, engaging.

The production of flyers is where most online companies start, but do they understand the creativity required to make a great flyer. Using trigger words to drive inquiries and sales, we can help you define your material’s visual aspects and the message that will assist in achieving your business objectives.


Our team have been working in the design for print and branding arena since 1988, and our founder, Damon Segal, is on the expert council for Superbrands UK. You can be sure that you will be in safe hands when you place your creative communications with Emotio.


You don’t have to create the most interesting thing ever, just the most interesting thing at the moment.

If this is a dead art form, why do we still have to clear our doorsteps every day from the piles of letters and leaflets that have been posted through our letterboxes? If DM didn’t work, people wouldn’t still be doing it.


You get about 1/20th of a second from someone picking up your DM and them binning it. It’s what happens at this time that makes the difference between interest and your flyer being used for a Paper Toss game. Emotio have many years producing catchy tag lines, engaging images and clear messages that get you past that first impulse to throw.


Flyers or brochures are a great give away at exhibitions, in waiting rooms or via mail-outs, but the real trick is knowing what you are trying to achieve with your flyer. Emotio can help by defining and designing your flyer or brochure. We can provide a trackable telephone number for each flyer, letting you know which batch performed the best. We can create trackable URLs and QR Codes to scan; we can even produce NFC stickers that you can touch a phone to make a connection.


Our designs are engaging and drive the reader to take action. We can even use attention mapping to make sure the design elements draw the attention we want.


Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’

From newspapers to outdoor and web banners to pay per click advertising, the Emotio team have had adverts in front of eyeballs nearly everywhere.


Designing effective adverts is not as straightforward as taking some text and images and putting them on together. We understand the importance of visual impact, a catchy headline and a strong call to action. Nothing says I love you to a customer like a full-page advert in the daily newspaper!


Emotio have carried our online advertising campaigns costing companies a few thousand pounds a year to a few thousand pounds a day! We are happy to manage campaigns of any size, often the benefits we can bring to an organisation can create a significant impact on a company bottom line.


There’s nothing like the smell of fresh print or the touch of textured paper to get someone engaged with your business.

When we started in design, the web had yet to be invented, so catalogues and brochures were a primary method of communication. At Emotio, we produce high impact literature that makes you stand out in a crowd. With all the world moving online giving customers something to hang on to makes a refreshing change.


Having mastered the old world of lithographic print and colour separations we know what works in print and what doesn’t; oranges and greens are out (unless you want to use spot colours) while blues and yellows are in. 80gsm is fine for your magazine but not the same as stunning 270gsm matt laminated spot UV varnished corporate brochure.


So whether you need something big and glossy or small and sophisticated talk to us and see what ideas we can give you.


They say that first impressions count and the first impression of a brand is usually it’s visual identity; it’s logo design and colours.

Whether this is the passing of a business card or passing a billboard your brand must convey your values and offer quickly and positively.


A strong brand allows a business to create brand value. Brand value can contribute to loyalty, an increased chance of winning pitches and a premium on costs, which is not found as a standard generic supplier.


Emotio are well placed to help develop your brand, logo design and brand marketing, our team have over 25 years experience in branding and translating design across all mediums. We work out how your brand can be applied across digital and print, developing a strong identity for you to build upon.


Damon, our founder, spent several years on the expert council for Superbrands allowing him a unique insight into what is expected of a brand, helping you live up to your potential.

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