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Brian Cox underwent an evolution in their branding. It was important to keep the logo as close to the original as possible, but it needed to be modernised. We took the logo from a faded unbalanced design to a vibrant new brand.

We carried this vibrant branding with Brian Cox’s strong red colour onto their brochure which can be seen here

Website Design

Brian Cox’s website needed to be designed to appeal to their audience. With properties ranging from £170k – £1.2M the site had to reflect a professional, friendly business that operates in the mid-London market.


Optimised UX

By making sure that the website journey was intuitive and that we didn’t leave users without a clear next action, we have managed a significant increase in site engagement. The year on year results is a 284% increase in page sessions where users now look on average at 8 pages per visit vs. the previous 2.12. The average time on site has increased by 3 minutes to 5:02 per visit.

Call to actions to maximise convertions

The website no. 1 mission is to generate valuations and to provide easy access to find contact information for their offices.


In order to assist search engine optimisation we introduced a section on the website that gives detailed information on the areas that Brian Cox covers. This helps improve the sites authority in Googles eyes.


The site has had on-page optimisation carried out addressing key signals that search engines looks for on a page prior to the site going live.

Quick access to the most important pages

Through the briefing process, we defined the key areas that Brian Cox wanted to lead users to, these were then given prominence on the home page so users can easily access those key pages.

Data Collection and social

Our Estate agency platform provides detailed data collection on newsletter signups, valuation and viewing enquiries.

Socially Engaging

Being very community oriented, we included a strong presence for twitter and invited visitors to join the Brian Cox community.


Emotio ran a strong social campaign for Brian Cox both in community management and paid advertising on Facebook. The Facebook campaign appeared in 435,864 timelines and generated 9,122 clicks, costing less than 30p a click. Combined with the organic visits from the social pages we saw an uplift of 538.79% while we managed this campaign. We also ran a Google advertising campaign that had an average CTR of 6.85% driving relevant traffic looking to sell or let their property to the Brian Cox website.


Mobile Design

The site uses an adaptive mobile site, providing a dedicated experience on mobile rather than being responsive and simply reproducing the desktop version of the site in a linear way. This allows the client to control the mobile content separately from the desktop, showing only what might interest a user on the move.

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