As a design led business we understand the importance of representing your brand and business accurately.
Emotio’s founder, Damon Segal spent several years on the Superbrands Expert Council which gives us a unique insight into how to best represent your brand in the digital space. Our highly skilled web designers and graphic design team stay up-to-date with the latest design trends whilst keeping in mind that all marketing collateral needs to serve a purpose.


Number of
Websites Designed

400 K

Largest Book
Print Run

998 K

Largest Direct Mail


Number of Years
Working in Design


Our design team are passionate about design and every site we design they aim to create something special. We stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure our understanding of users’ experience is in line with your objectives. The users’ experience on your website can be the difference between getting the lead and not getting the lead (if it leads you’re after, of course, it could be sales). The funny thing is that your website just needs to be a bit better than your best competitors’. Just like a racing car only needs to be a hundredth of a second faster to win a race.


There is often a divide between web design agencies. Those that are technical and those who are creative. Luckily for Emotio, we have our sister company DNA Digital who covers the technical side of the business leaving our highly qualified designers to stay creative.


Whether you require a single landing page, eCommerce website or enterprise CRM solution, no project is too complex or too much trouble. We can provide a turnkey solution to help you realise your business’s digital vision.


A strong digital agency allows a business to create brand value, which contributes to loyalty, premium on costs and an increased chance of winning pitches. These are not found which as a standard supplier.


Emotio are well placed to help develop your brand and brand marketing, our team have over 25 years experience in branding and translating design across all mediums. Damon, our founder, spent several years on the expert council for Superbrands allowing him a unique insight into what is expected of a brand, helping you live up to your potential. View our branding presentation here.

Print Design

We cover the whole range of marketing collateral, digital and print. We have copywriters and creative headliners to make sure your message is clear and most importantly engaging.


When we started in design, the web had yet to be invented, so catalogues and brochures were a primary method of communication. At Emotio, we produce high impact literature that makes you stand out. With all the world having moved online, giving customers something to hang on to makes a refreshing change. read more here

don’t take our word for it

Picking a design agency is not an easy task, not only do you need to like the team you work with but they need to know what they are doing! Obviously we wrote this website so everything you read will say how good we are! But, we don’t want you to just take our word for it, see below what our clients say.


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