As a design-led business, we understand the importance of representing your brand and business accurately through website design. Emotio’s founder, Damon Segal spent several years on the Superbrands Expert Council which gives us a unique insight into how to best represent your brand in the digital space.


Our design team are passionate about design and every site we design they aim to create something special. We stay up to date with the latest trends and ensure our understanding of users experience is in line with your objectives. The users experience on your website can be the difference between getting the lead and not getting the lead (if it leads you’re after, of course, it could be sales). The funny thing is that your website just needs to be a bit better than your best competitors. Just like a racing car only needs to be a hundredth of a second faster to win a race.


There is often a divide between web design agencies. Those that are technical and those who are creative. Good web design encompasses the visual aspects, but it should also encourage a stronger focus on functionality, efficiency and robust coding.  Luckily for Emotio, we have our sister company DNA Digital, who covers the technical side of the business leaving our highly qualified designers to stay creative. Websites are the new real estate, and the most successful brands in the world know how important it is to make that space their own.


Whether you require a single landing page, eCommerce website or enterprise CRM solution, between Emotio and our sister company, no project is too complex or too much trouble. We can provide a turnkey solution to help you realise your businesses digital vision. We handle each phase of your project from the initial consultancy through to business analysis and project delivery.


Understanding functionality and navigation ease are as important as encouraging an emotional response through a carefully curated colour palette and design document. Our team has an excellent reputation for innovating and commercialising digital solutions. We understand the value your online presence will offer site visitors and how your website can streamline internal operations and administrative tasks.

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