Award winning refreshment solutions in the workplace


Emotio helped Express Vending across many areas of their business. Our work included designing their engaging vending machine cups; we produced a new set every quarter. We also created amongst other items table cards that sit in canteens to encourage users to use their vending machines. The cards showed the makeup of various hot drinks and explained the high-quality products used in Express Vending’s product range.

Cups that have been created include Word Searches, Important Dates for that quarter, Famous Events in History for that quarter, Sudoko, Doodle Cups and many more…

Website Design

The Express Vending website tells a story. Express Vending provides high quality vending products and operates at the top end of the market. We decided to make the website more about the brand and services than the products. When you scroll down the website you get a sense of quality, the first section gives you access to key areas of the site educating you to the service. From here we establish credentials with a Feefo rating and an awards section. We then lead you onto case studies showcasing a well-known brand to determine at what level Express Vending operate; then on to their charitable work to show how deeply involved they are with CSR, which leads you to a list of solutions and our enquiry form. The website was built on Magento and was fully responsive. It also carried a complete catalogue of machines with information about each unit.


Striking Banner for Brand Awareness

We created strong brand images to differentiate Express Vending from the competitions standard pictures of machines. Our remit was that Express’s offering was all about the high quality products and services being offered and the feeling people get from a great cup of coffee, and having quality food and snacks available on site.

Telling the story

The page was designed to tell a story as you scrolled down. This started with showing the main offerings from Services to Products. This clearly engages uses to understand what Express Vending do.


We introduce a section to explain why choosing Express Vending is the right choice and we build into this a feefo rating display to reinforce how good Express is.


This is followed by the awards section to show that Express is also recognised in the industry as one of the leading vending companies in the UK.

Case studies

We introduced a case study section to educate visitors to the kind of projects that Express engage in. This was to help cut down on low-quality leads and appeal to larger companies. We led with an image of Tip Advisors installation to create an association with world class brands.


This section was followed by a section on CSR. Express carry out a lot of work with various charities, and we wanted this to be clear to visitors to the site. This drives both awareness of those charities and displays how Express is fulfilling their social responsibilities.

Associated brands

Express distribute the highest quality products in their vending machines, so a section was added to the site reflect the brands they work with.


This was followed by a section outlining all the solutions they offer and finally an inquiry form.

User Experience

The website’s UX has been carefully crafted to drive conversions. By measuring enquiry levels weekly we worked with the client and the marketing team to refine the site’s design, in order to maximise the traffic’s conversions. We deployed multi-variant testing on the main pages of the site to see what elements led to improved conversions as well as carrying out usability tests where target demographics recorded video sessions answering a set of questions. These videos highlighted some excellent areas which after amendments were made, showed significant improvements in leads.



Our founder Damon Segal worked with Express Vending as an interim Marketing Director, he interviewed and appointed various providers from a select group of International top agencies to work with us in driving the digital marketing campaigns for the site. Through our team’s monitoring and Damon’s guidance, these agencies help drive the online conversions. With the new site and careful crafting, the site drove a 15% increase over nine months and a significant increase in profit by attracting a higher spending audience.

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