Fusion Residential is a boutique award winning design house, creating exceptional residences in the most exclusive locations around London

Website Design & Build

Working closely with Fusions head of design this website was crafted over several months to reflect the perfection that delivers on Fusion’s commitment to quality design in all things they do. Micro-interactions were vital to making this site feel slick and classy. The outstanding photographic work needed an equally outstanding design to show of the images. Even the way the navigation glides down when clicked was carefully considered to reveal a quality feel.
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Website Build

This website required a completely bespoke design and needed to show off Fusion’s brand in line with the company values. The home page was built using a magnetic scroll effect maintain the slick motion feel required for the website. The rest of the site has many features such as lazy loaders and slide effect images.



The home page allows for an immediate impact from detailed home page banner images. As you scroll down the site it reveals the Fusion Story (About Us) and the most recent project. The final section is to raise awareness of Fusion’s design services


Emotio have worked with Fusion on their site optimisation. This involved the on-page optimisation for keywords that are relevant to sites rankings. After 6 months the site has started to rank with no ongoing optimisation services for phrases such as ‘luxury developers London’. We have also deployed a Virtual Billboard – Proximity Marketing Solution to promote the Birchwood development. Finally we have run Facebook ads to drive enquiries for property sales.


Mobile Design

About 35% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and it was decided that the responsive design required custom mobile banners when it reached a certain break point. This ensure the visitor maintains a perfect experience across devices.