Surbiton property experts

Website Design

Humphrey and Brand is an owner-managed, independent estate agency run business in Surbiton, London. Our brief was to create a website that portrayed H&B as the leading high street agency In Surbiton for sales, lettings & property management.


Call to actions to maximise conversions

The website showed that H&B was a service led business where customers come first. The primary task for the website was to drive instructions by generating enquiries for valuations. To this end, we have a large area at the top of the content area and over the banner with a clear call to action.

Optimised UX with quick access to the most relevant pages

Although we wanted to drive valuations, it was important to allow visitors to the site to search for properties as well.


As H&B only cover the Surbiton area we simplified the search process to a simple button click. We also introduced four boxes with information that reveals when you roll the mouse over the images. These boxes take you to the main parts of the site.

Data Collection and social

We have kept a newsletter signup at the base of all pages. Valuation enquiries are also collected in the database. The custom platform that we build our Estate Agency sites on displays the number valuation requests and views against each property

Brand reinforcement

The new design of the site has stayed loyal to H&Bs strong purple colours reinforcing its high street presence.

User Experience

Since the site has gone live it has shown a year on year improvement in engagement metrics, page views have increased 124%, the average time spent on the site has increased 64% from 2:30 to 4:07 and there has been a significant improvement in bounce rate.


Mobile Design

The site uses an adaptive mobile site, providing a dedicated experience on mobile rather than being responsive and simply reproducing the desktop version of the site in a linear way. This allows the client to control the mobile content separately from the desktop, showing only what might interest a user on the move.
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