Reporting on the world's premier providers of executive development

IEDP Banner


Our team first designed and built IEDP’s website in 2010 and in 2016 it was time for an upgrade! First, we looked at the overall branding. IEDP had now established itself as the source for great business content and information on executive education providers and courses on a Global scale. We really wanted to create a logo that would be memorable and stand out next to other academic and publishing logos. We had drawn the IEDP using an inverse shadow and created a symbol that reflected a watchful eye over a book of knowledge.

Website Design

The focus of the IEDP website is that of reporting on the world’s premier providers of executive development. It is a heavily content driven website built on a .NET Open Source platform called Umbraco. The site is fully responsive, and content is completely managed by the client. We wanted the design of the site to look corporate but friendly. The key part of the design was to show featured Providers and upcoming Programs. The site’s goals are to direct traffic to the Providers, and to drive bookings of Programmes. In order to facilitate this we produced a clean, easy to use interface using tiles. The result of the new website design has been outstanding! Page views have doubled and the site has seen a 231% increase in the average session duration.


Article Banner to promote the newest articles

By defining rules for great imagery on the website we were able to implement a large banner article at the top of the page. This scrolls through a set of the latest articles.

UX Journey

This site required very careful consideration when it came to the UX design. The site has a great deal of content, so we needed to make it easy for users to search that content but at the same time the ultimate journey intention was to visit the Provider or Programme page. We achieved this with a click to filter system. When you arrive on an article page, it has the Providers details on the top right allowing users easy access to the originator of the content and their programmes. Articles have a commenting section that allows visitors to the site to engage with articles from a discussion point of view.


The site’s Navigation also provides quick access to all the key parts of the site as well as quick access to key searches based on article type and topic.


To fulfill the commercial side of the site we have facilitated the placement of featured providers and upcoming programs. The end goal being exposure of development courses and executives booking those courses via IEDP’s website.


Featured programs can also be sponsored to appear on the home page as part of provider packages


As a publisher of great content, IEDP also produces a magazine called Developing Leaders. It was important for us to provide space on the home page for this also.


Emotio have assisted IEDP in most elements of their marketing over time. This ranges from Search Engine Marketing to strategic consultancy. The site enjoys 1st page rankings for searches such as ‘cambridge executive education’ and ‘proactive leadership’. The sites structure also optimises provider pages giving IEDP 1st page positions next to those providers such as ‘management centre europe’, ‘center for creative leadership’ and ‘melbourne business school’. We have run campaigns for IEDP in social media and Google Adwords and continue to work with them to improve and help grow their business.


Mobile Design

About 20% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and the new responsive design means uses can easily read articles and find information on providers wherever they are.