Iron Mountain provides solutions for records management, data backup recovery and document management.

Iron Mountain brochure


Emotio’s CEO, Damon Segal, provided consultancy services to Iron Mountain. We acted as trusted advisors sitting client side to support Iron Mountain’s marketing team with analysing and understanding performance. Damon also assisted in setting the direction for other third party agency suppliers such as iProspect. Damon worked with Iron Mountain’s EMEA marketing team providing monthly reviews and consultancy across the range of digital services. We also provided important feedback on analytics and user interaction when it came to conversion optimisation on the website.


Emotio guided Iron Mountain through the creation of their initial social media strategy. We also assisted in defining an internal social media policy for the business.


As a result of the strategy, we implemented the setup of channels with management through Hootsuite, a centralised system for managing all channels from one system. Damon then provided social media training to the PR team and over a period of a year handed the posting to be managed entirely internally. During this time Emotio created content for regular posts as well infographics which proved to be incredibly engaging, and we went on to produce 15 of these for distribution.




Based on research provided by Iron Mountain, Emotio produced infographics that visually represented complex data sets in a simple to understand way.


There where 15 infographics with topics including:


– When Employees Leave, So Does Your Data


– Responsibility For Data In The Cloud – Featured Below


– Which Job Roles Most Likey to Share Sensitive Data


– Information Risk Maturity Index


– Protecting Sensitive Data While on The Move – Feature Left


Plus many more.


Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly. They can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.


Emotio’s team have many years in this field.

Branding Design

We wanted something originall due to the unique features that this brand brings to market so we went for a custom lettering rather than traditional typography. We produced a range of designs based around classic bike brands and wanted to ensure that 6ixt9’s logo could sit well with established icon brands such as Norton or Triumph. The brand had to have a feeling of luxury and appeal to a sophisticated audience while remaining clean and timeless.



We felt a dark card with a copper foil print would achieve a high class approach to stationery for the brand.

Letter HEADS

We continued the dark theme for marketing letters whilst reversing the design for standard printed stationery.



For the exclusive travel brochures and bike customisation catalogues we have featured an embossed logo on a natrual fibre paper.


A big part of the 6ixt9 brand will be an eCommerce website selling branded apparel. It was very important that this brand could translate across various clothing from T-Shirts and Caps to Jackets and Bags



Finally we wanted to ensure that the brand would add the finishing touch to any bike customisation. So we produced a version in a chrome finish