The National Centre for Domestic Violence was established in 2003 to help survivors of domestic violence and abuse obtain protection against an abuser,

Website Design & Build

The key messages to the NCDV website cover three main objectives. 1, to assist victims of domestic violence. 2, to facilitate referrals from the police and professional agencies and 3, to drive downloads of the NCDV APP.

To this end, we created a design that had two clear buttons and recognisable APP icons. One of the most significant parts of our website was the EXIT SITE button; this button can be used for any victim to quickly exit the site if they are at risk of being caught.

Getting The Message Across

Our design was designed to provide a clear route for domestic victims and victim supporters to get help quickly and easily. The website offers a clear referral path from the home page, and the site provides reliable information regarding what is involved in getting an injunction. From an imagery perspective, we have kept the site simple, it would have been too easy to show negative images of victims, and we felt people were looking for this service rather than a reminder of their situation.



The site banner features an image of a hand being held up to symbolise the time to say stop. Two clear buttons tell a visitor what their next step is.


In the second section of the website we have provided a referral form and a clear description of what NCDV do.


Being such a sensitive subject especially regarding trust it was essential to make clear that other people recommended NCDVs service.

Mobile Design

NCDV was built on a responsive framework. It was important that the site was fully mobile ready many of the sites visitors where likely in a position where mobile access would be a first choice.

Social Services & Charity Websites and Marketing

Emotio worked with and supported many Charity and Social Service businesses. We often work with Charities to obtain Google’s Non Profit Grant allowance of $10k plus per month to be spent on Google Adwords.