A retail creative organisation that prides itself on offering a complete solution to the visual needs of the industry and the brands it works with

Website & Content

Emotio have been working with sfd for nearly a decade. As sfd have gone from strength to strength, it was important to evolve their website inline with their status. With clients ranging from Prada and Micheal Kors to Harrods and Bloomingdales, it was a key requirement to ensure that projects were showcased in style. The design of this website was kept simple, modern and bold with a focus on high-quality photographic images.
Visit the website here.

Website Design & Build

The sfd website was built on WordPress.This was to provide sfd with an easy to use administration area so they can keep projects and blogs up-to-date. The site design has been kept simple and is focused on the images for projects format in an instagram style grid.



It was decided to keep a large banner image at top with a black overlay tint allowing sfd’s text to show strongly.


This site required a clear layout to allow visitors to clearly see sfd’s specialist areas, vm & windows, nude mannequins and store interiors. This was closely followed by a showcase of latest projects and sfd’s instagram postings.


The site’s Navigation also provides quick access to all the key parts of the site.


As a key focus of the website was on sfd’s previous work this section of the website allowed direct access to the case study area through a see more link.


Emotio have worked with sfd for many years on and off of their marketing activity. In early years we optimised the sfd. website giving it many first page listings for prime keywords such as mannequins and visual merchandising. Over several years of internal marketing, these rankings have been lost. We also worked on Google Ads, and Social paid advertising which played a significant part in sfd’s brand awareness and growth.


Mobile Design

About 25% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and the new responsive design means uses can easily find projects and engage with Sfd’s social presence.