Valkyrie Vodka - Sence the purity

Valkyrie vodka bottle and website design on a laptop screen


Emotio were tasked with creating branding for a mid-range Vodka brand called Valkyrie. The Vodka had to stand out on a shelf and would be sold primarily through Cash and Carry Wholesalers. It was necessary to consider carefully the production process as this brand would have to be well represented on a bottle. Our designers illustrated a winged warrior, kneeling with sword in hand surrounded by Runic symbols.

We also defined a story to go with the brand.
“Valkyrie vodka is the embodiment of the spirit of the Baltics. A quadruple distilled vodka made from 100% wheat grain spirit and the purest water from artesian wells, for extra purity and smooth character.”

Website Design

The site was a simple 1-page design using a Parallax effect to invite users to continue reading down the page. The site is used to engage awareness in the brand and to encourage sharing.


Striking Banner for Brand Awareness

By using the strong branding and a majestic image for the banner, we aimed to create a feeling of ancient mystery around the product.

The Story

The page leads visitors through the story of the Valkyrie Vodka, explaining how it is made and defining the quality of the product

Parallax effect

We have used Parallax, a function where the page scrolls in layers at a different speed to encourage users to scroll down the page.

Social Sharing

At the foot of the page we have a strong social presence to encourage visitors to engage with the brand.


As part of a marketing campaign to drive Cash and Carry orders, we directed traffic via PPC and Linkedin to the Brand Owners website which Emotio updated for the campaign. The website also includes other designs for wine labels we have produced for Wild Flower and Castillio Vale.

Mobile Design

The website has a separate mobile version for users on the move.