A collection of 84 apartments Arriving summer 2020 - 2&3 bedroom from £1.2M

Virtual Billboard

Website Design & Build

The NLS website was built on WordPress and designed to communicate the four main areas of legal services quickly. In keeping with the serious nature of the website and the requirement to remain professional and classy, we opted for a black and white approach. Although imagery was important, text content and typesetting were considered equally important. The websites analytics shows an excellent engagement level with users quickly and easily finding the content they want through the search facility in each section.



Splitting the services vertically across a full-width screen allowed to give equal importance to each part of NLS’s services.


After viewing services, we quickly move users to discover what makes NLS unique with the Who Are We and Our Strengths sections.


Each page on the website carries an enquiry form in the footer to make it easy to make an enquiry.

Mobile Design

About 45% of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices and it was decided that the responsive design required to ensure a consistent experience across devices for users.

Professional Services Website Design and Marketing

Emotio have a great deal of experience designing, building and marketing professional services websites in the legal, financial, insurance and accounting sectors. By understanding what drives these sort of B2C and B2B conversions and the technicalities around content and compliance are critical to make campaigns successful.