Experience Excellence

Wavex website design on desktop and laptop screen


As one of London’s leading IT Services companies Emotio wanted to create something special for Wavex. Working with Wavex’s team, we helped define a new approach to the brand. We decided to move away from the obvious IT imagery of happy people and computers and introduce objects that had the Wavex lime green used as an accent. The strapline EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE was added, and the logo and stationery were cleaned up and modernised.


Emotio worked on a broad range of brand collateral for print ranging from signage and stationery to event invitations and brochures. All the time we kept the brand identity running strongly throughout the material.

The brand’s identity of an object focused imagery was rolled out across all communication collateral and was well received by clients and potential customers. This made Wavex stand out as different from everyday IT suppliers.

Website Design

The requirement for the website was an exciting challenge. The client’s branding has a slice from the W, which we wanted to carry into the site’s design. On the web, graphics don’t like being at an angle, but we successfully implemented a geometric framework to continue the brand identity across the site.


Striking Banner to reinforce Brand Identity

We used the object imagery on pages as banners including images like a Compass to represent Wavex being able to guide you; a cloud shaped padlock to show your cloud data would be secure and a salt and pepper pot to represent partnerships. All of these using the lime green accent.

UX Journey to ease information Breakdown

The user’s journey leads visitors to key areas of the site and to promote the Wavex corporate proposition strongly; APEX.

Highlighted Key offerings

APEX is Wavex’s USP, a product used to streamline business processes including the implementation and management of IT services. This required a strong proposition on the home page, so we have highlighted this entire section with the lime green background.


The client wanted to drive awareness of the large selection of IT partners from Microsoft to Symantec. We also wanted to explain in a technology led field Wavex had strong human values.


Wavex’s has hundreds of testimonials which are fed directly from their feedback system. It was decided to scroll these on the home page as listing them would have made the page extremely long!


Emotio have spent two years optimising the Wavex website for search, and the site now enjoys over 25 prime keywords in top 3 positions on Google. These phrases include ‘London IT services’, ‘IT support London’, ‘IT support company’ and ‘IT services company’. We have worked with Wavex on the Google Adwords campaign which generates over 12,000 sessions with a bounce rate under 30%. We have run dedicated campaigns over all channels including Email Marketing and Print.


Mobile Design

Working hand in hand with the geographically targeted PPC campaign, we can reach users on the go. The site’s content management system has allowed a dedicated version of the content to be placed on a mobile site.

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